Kamis, 30 Juni 2011

Cara Mengubah dan Mengatur Ukuran Kertas A4 di Microsoft Word

Cara Mengubah dan Mengatur Ukuran Kertas A4 di Microsoft Word  - How to Change the Paper Size A4 in Microsoft Word - If you are still learning the computer or laptop, must have been familiar with Microsoft Word. Yups, Microsoft Word is one application of Microsoft Office is very famous for its sophistication in typing and writing can be printed according to the type that we are setting the paper size. If you want to be setting the paper size in Word is always Micorosoft size, like A4, then there are various ways to set the default paper size A4 is always when we want to print our writing. Here's one way to change the paper size in Microsoft Word as the default paper size in print: 1. Start the Microsoft Word application from Microsoft Office 2. Icons From File menu select Open. 3. Copy this text: DataMicrosoftTemplates% UserProfile% Application, then paste the file name and Open 4. Microsoft Word 2003 to open the Normal.dot file, to Microsoft Word 2007 or Microsoft

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